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One Stop Ballad Female Vocals

Dreamy Mysterious Cool Elegant Romantic Lovely

100% Master & Publisher Owned
Produced, Arranged, Master owned by Suzanne Grzanna
Grzanna Jazz Productions



Little Valentine XO
Composed by Suzanne Grzanna (Music & Lyrics)

Little Valentine XO is a dreamy love song for Valentine's Day. Suzanne has a genuine love for singing romantic songs and hope you will spend an evening experiencing it. Suzanne is a multi-award songwriter, saxophonist, vocalist, arranger, producer, music publisher, and sync music library who composes (music & lyrics). She has many albums released on her label Diva Records.US and recorded over ninety songs of her own compositions. The Dolby Atmos / Spatial Audio was mixed and mastered by Jeff Silverman of Palette Music-Studio-Productions.

Suzanne Grzanna - Vocals
Scott Currier - Piano
Hal Miller - Bass
Terry Smirl - Drums


You're my funny little valentine
Who stole my heart and turned it around
Never thinking I’d be so in love with you
Every moment we’re together
I think of you forever
Never knowing if this would really come true

And days go by
Nights they fly
Every moment I’m with you
Stars and night
Moon so bright
All my dreams are with you

While I gaze into your eyes
Mystery arrives
And I think you feel the same way about me too
You're my funny little valentine
And through all time I know you’ll be mine.

Little Valentine XO Song - STEREO
IEWNY2302109 (The Cat’s Meow Anniversary Album) 

IEWGI2313089 (Feb Release)

(The Cat’s Meow Anniversary Album)
(Apple Music Only – Feb Release)
5063078765849 (Everything but Apple – Feb Release)

*UPC for Album:
644831400018 (The Cat’s Meow Anniversary Album Stereo)
644831400006 (Everything but Apple Stereo Feb Release)
644831400008 (Apple Stereo Feb Release)

Little Valentine XO Song – DOLBY ATMOS
Dolby Atmos:
(The Cat’s Meow Anniversary Album)
IEWGI2313088 (Feb Release)

(The Cat’s Meow Anniversary Album Dolby)
(Apple Music Only Feb Release Dolby)
5063078765856 (Everything but Apple Feb Release Dolby)

*UPC for Album:
644831400019 (The Cat’s Meow Anniversary Album Dolby) 

(Everything but Apple Feb Release Dolby) 

(Apple Music Only Feb Release Dolby)

Writer: Suzanne Grzanna (Words & Music) BMI


Publishing: Grzanna Music Publishing (BMI)


ISWC: T-315.623.213-8

Executive Producer: Suzanne Grzanna
Immersive Producer: Jeff Silverman

The album was Co-Produced, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered in Dolby Atmos/Spatial Audio by Jeff Silverman of Palette MusicStudio-Productions.

Immersive Producer, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered in Dolby Atmos / Spatial audio with additional sound design by: Jeff Silverman of Palette Music • Studio • Productions

Recorded at DV Studios - Dave Vartanian - Milwaukee, WI
Producer and Sound Engineer at DV Studios: Dave Vartanian

New Graphics: Debra Lyn (DLS Graphics)

Graphics from the original Cat's Meow Album - Jeff Paul, McDill Design, Ltd.

Photographer: Mike Huibregtse

Diva Records LLC
P.O. Box 511735 Milwaukee, WI 53203