New Release!!

Simply Sunday after hours

Simply Sunday After Hours will be released on September 30th 2022. More information will be out soon!! 


Wisconsin Music Ventures

Podcast with Suzanne Grzanna

Interviewed by Allison Emm

Suzanne Grzanna Interviewed on the Wisconsin Music Podcast

Interviewed by Zach T Fell

July 2021


Suzanne won four Radio Music Awards -

Best Jazz Song

- Sunrise

Best Female Artist

- Summer Dreams

Best Jazz Group

- Sunrise

Best Jazz Producer

- Summer Dreams

Suzanne's music featured on Dimitri K's Lite Lounge Radio Show

My Santa Baby

Happy Saturday my friends! I hope you are all doing well! Can't believe it is almost Christmas! If you are in the mood for some Christmas music check out "Lite Lounge with Dimitri K" radio show which is scheduled for this coming Sunday, 12/20/20 (and ahead). I am honored to have my original song "My Santa Baby" played on his show. Thank you Dimitri!!

My Santa Baby

Suzanne Grzanna - Vocals

Scott Currier - Piano

Hal Miller - Bass

Recorded at DV Studios (Dave Vartanian)

Between all radios, over 50 hours in the premier week!

List of Radio Stations and local times:

Radio Staaken Relaxation, Berlin, Germany

Sunday 10 am (Berlin time)

Gaia FM on 87.8 & 107.0 - New Zealand

Thursday - 9pm NZ time

Following Sunday - 9am NZ time

MAD Fm - New Zealand


18.00 NZT

Big Ear Radio - UK


Starting Sunday - 3 times a day, total weekly - 21 times

Satellite FM Paris - France


8 pm (French Time)

Repeated following Wednesday 11 pm

Precious Radio Mood

Los Angeles, CA

USA SmoothJazz

Lite Lounge with Dimitri K.


Los Angeles, California (USA) 1:00 PM

Berlin & Munich (Germany) 10:00 PM

Quebec & Montréal (Canada) 16:00 PM

Tokyo & Osaka (Japan) 6:00 AM

Paris (France) E.U. 10:00 PM

New York (USA) 16:00 PM

Tel Aviv (Israël) 11:00 PM

WCJS Radio, Potomac, MD

Monday - 6 pm

Radio St.Pete - US

Monday - 11 pm

Repeated following Sunday

WJMX-DB Smooth Jazz Boston - Boston, MA

Wednesday 7 pm

Hindsight Media Radio 103.5 FM - US

Tuesday 7 pm

New Jazz Radio, Tampabay, FL

Sunday 4 pm EST

WCDR Radio, Miami, FL

Sunday 5 pm EST

Peachtree Radio FM, Atlanta, GA

Sunday 9 pm EST


Sunday 10 pm EST

Suzanne Grzanna at The Grammy Awards