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Suzanne Grzanna is an award winning songwriter, saxophonist, vocalist, arranger, producer,  music publisher, and sync music library who composes music and lyrics. Suzanne is also a member of the Recording Academy, SAG-AFTRA, Society of Composers & Lyricists, and Guild of Music Supervisors (Friend).  She has nine albums released on her label Diva Records, and has recorded over ninety songs. Her music has been featured in many films and played across the globe on radio. She has performed for many music festivals and private events. Suzanne loves to connect with the audience and share her love for music with them. She is very passionate in creating and loves being a part of the amazing musical community. Suzanne just released an original jazzy Big Room - Breaks - Electro tune titled “Simply Sunday After Hours” (2022) under Sax Diva and “Love Sick” with Kim Cameron (Top Dance charts). Suzanne also performed on Justine Blazer “Tears of Blue” (2022) and will have a new Dolby Atmos Jazz album being released in (2023).  

Suzanne has won many awards including Hollywood Music and Media Awards, Indie Music Channel Awards, UK Songwriting Awards, Hollywood Songwriting Awards, Academia Music Awards, Clouzine Music Awards, and Josie Music Awards to name a few. 

In film, Suzanne recorded two songs on the children's film Seaper Powers (Billboard top 20 Artist Kim Cameron - Director) Mystery of the Blue Pearls Soundtrack “A Dance After Midnight” and “Never Forgetting” (2022). “Oh Christmas Tree '' was recorded for the Hallmark Movie “My Family Christmas Tree” (2021). Suzanne co-wrote a song with John DePatie for Seaper Powers (Kim Cameron - Director) In Search of Bleu Jay's Treasure titled “Sunrise” which is airing on the Dove Channel (2021). Suzanne’s original composition “Simply Sunday'' has been featured in the film Wild Honey (2019) (Director - Francis Stokes) and in the film short “A Different Direction” (Director - Colleen Ann Brah). Suzanne will also be working on “Western Conviction” (Director - Colleen Ann Brah) as Loretta. 

In music, Suzanne recently has been a part of Simply Sunday  

After Hours (2022), Kim Cameron (Billboard Charting) & Sax Diva “Love Sick” (2022), Seaper Powers Mystery of the Blue Pearls Soundtrack “A Dance After Midnight” “Never Forgetting” (2022), Oliver Sean (Billboard Charting)  "Mama Taught Me" (2022) Justine Blazer “Tears of Blue” (2022), “Children of the World” with Rupam Sarmah & Grammy Winner Kevin Makie (2022), “Peace & Joy” Sophia Agranovich, Rupam Sarmah & Tamra Garrett (2022), Seaper Powers Movie Soundtrack “Sunrise” (2021), Oliver Sean “Blues Dance Worldbeat (2021),  Kim Cameron Children’s Album “Connecting to Animals”  A Question (2021) Dimitri K “Lost In Intensity” (2021), Oliver Sean’s Billboard Charting Album The Devil is Back (2020), Oliver Sean “Yeah Whatever” (2020), Oliver Sean “Blues Dance (2020), Grant Maloy Smith “We’ll Stay Together” (2020), Sharon Lia “The Sum of Us (2020), Robert & Karen Brewer “If I Could” (2020) Oliver Sean “Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday” (2020), Kim Cameron “Let Me Ask You 4am Deep Sax Remix” (2019), Cynthia Herring & the Sue Sisters  “Happy Birthday Mooney” (2019), Kim Cameron “Let Me Ask You” LIVE video (2019), Rupam Sarmah and Grammy Winning Producer Kevin Mackie “Together in Peace” (2018),Dr. Kobi Armad, Armond Hutton (Grammy Nominated), Al Walser (Grammy Winner) “Forever”,  David Longoria “We Are One” (2017),  Kim Cameron “Fearless Lovers”, "Spring Waltz" (2017), "Wedding Day" (2016), "Daybreak" (2016), "Original Songs by Don Grzanna" (2009), "Christmas Night (2008), "Simply Sunday (2005), "Jazz in the Park" (2004), "My Santa Baby" (2004), "Fly Me to the Moon" (2000), "The Cat's Meow" (1993) and many more.  

Suzanne Grzanna grew up in a small suburb of Milwaukee. Her parents Don and Maureen Grzanna are professional musicians and she started piano lessons with her mother when she was five. While Suzanne continued playing piano during her teenage years, performing at many competitions, she began doubling on the clarinet when she was nine so she could play in her school bands. Suzanne switched her main focus to alto-sax in seventh grade. In addition to jazz and hearing her father perform, she enjoyed classical and the pop music of the era. A performer from a very young age, Suzanne sang and played piano in her family band, playing jazz, rock and dance music. She gained further experience playing in her high school band and singing in her high school choir. While in college she not only performed with the jazz band but the school’s symphonic orchestra and a Christian rock group. She also sang with the Milwaukee Symphony Chorus for many years, starting at the age of 18. After attending Wisconsin Lutheran College and earning a music degree from Carroll University, she formed her jazz quartet. Suzanne immediately started a busy performance schedule, and she has not slowed down since. 

 "I have been fortunate to perform at so many places. Love to play at festivals because it's fun to be on a large stage, reaching as many people as possible. But, I also enjoy performing at more intimate club settings since it is easier to communicate to each individual. Talking to the audience is one of my favorite things to do."  

In the future, I want to continue my musical life and share my love for music to all.” 

More information about Suzanne Grzanna can be found at Divarecords.US 


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