Collaborative Projects

- Robert Brewer and Karen Holtz Holloway Brewer Featuring Suzanne Grzanna on saxophone ------- "If I Could"

Grant Maloy Smith wrote am amazing song and featured many artists from the Indie Collaborative. Suzanne Grzanna has a few cameo's in this video ....Stay tuned!

Sharon Lia wrote an amazing song titled "The Sum of Us." The message is something we should hear and bring into our life. Check out Suzanne's cameo in this video :)

Suzanne Grzanna performs saxophone with Billboard artist Kim Cameron - Fearless Lovers

Suzanne Grzanna performs on Grammy Tribute song to Prince

Presenting the #HolidaySong by Oliver Sean featuring the Real Indie Project. Billboard Top 10 Artist/Producer Oliver Sean announces new collaboration with award winning musicians for upcoming Album & International Tour - #RealIndieProject. ;Everyday will be like a holiday' is their 1st Official Single & Music Video. The Real Indie Project features multi talented artists Tomiko Dixon, Suzanne Grzanna, Nicki Kris, Damian Wyldes, Christina Gaudet, Devin Leigh, Trevor Sewell and Syreeta Thompson joining Oliver Sean and his team from the WOA Entertainment Group. The full length album is scheduled for summer of 2020 with planned singles & videos in the 1st and 2nd quarter of the year. Tour Dates coming soon!

Suzanne Grzanna performs saxophone on the new song Happy Birthday Mooey from School of Fish

Suzanne Grzanna performed saxophone on the billboard charting song Happy Birthday Mooney from the album School of FIsh.

Cynthia Haring & World Nations with the Sue Sisters.

Suzanne Grzanna performs at the Josie Music Awards - Military/Tribute Veteran Song Memories