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One Stop Ballad Saxophone Piano Bass Drum
Dreamy Soft Romantic Mysterious Cool Elegant Whimsical

100% Master & Publisher Owned
Produced, Arranged, Master owned by Suzanne Grzanna
Grzanna Jazz Productions



By the Fireside XO – Stereo Song

Composed by Donald E. Grzanna (Music)

Suzanne Grzanna - Saxophone

Scott Currier - Piano

Hal Miller- Bass

Brian Ford - Drums



IEWNY2302099 (By the Fireside XO Stereo ISRC)

EAN for Album:

5063332299141(The Cat’s Meow Anniversary Album Stereo- EAN)

UPC for Album:

644831400018 (The Cat’s Meow Anniversary Album Stereo - UPC)

Writer: Donald E. Grzanna (Music ) (ASCAP)

IPI # 12826114

Publishing Company: Don Grzanna Music (ASCAP)

IPI # 343133201

Executive Producer: Suzanne Grzanna

Immersive Producer: Jeff Silverman

The album was Co-Produced, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered in Dolby Atmos/Spatial Audio by Jeff Silverman of Palette Music Studio-Productions.

Recorded at DV Studios - Dave Vartanian - Milwaukee, WI

Producer and Sound Engineer at DV Studios: Dave Vartanian

Diva Records LLC

P.O. Box 511735 Milwaukee, WI 53203