1. 1887 XO
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One Stop Slow to Up Tempo Female Vocals

Dreamy Mysterious Cool Elegant Playful Whimsical Love

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Produced, Arranged, Master owned by Suzanne Grzanna
Grzanna Music Pub (BMI)



1887 XO
Composed by Suzanne Grzanna (Music & Lyrics)
Suzanne Grzanna - Vocals & Saxophone
Scott Currier - Piano
Hal Miller- Bass
Terry Smirl - Drums

Well someday in the midst of things
A change in time occurred
It started out one smokey night
With a shadow lost in time

He came from 1887
In that year we know
He sailed across the wispy sea
Now he’s here with me.

1887 that’s the year for me
1887 that’s where I want to be
1887 that’s the year for me
1887 that’s where I want to be

Sax Solo

Piano Solo

Doo Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Doo Doo Doo Dah Doo Bah

Wap Boo Bop Boo Bah Da Bap Do Doo Wap Bah Bah Day

Whah Ba Dee Whap Bah Bap Bah Bah Deh Deh Dah Dah Doo Bah

Whap Boo Bap Boo Bah Day Bop Boo ah Bah Dah Doo

Whamp Bah Ba Dap Boo Bah Whaw Boo Bah

Whaw Bah Bah Whap Bah Bah Bah Whaw

Whap Bop Bah Bop Bop

Whap Bah Boo Bah Bap Boo Bah Bap Boo

Bap Bap Boo Bap Whamp boo Dah Doo Doo

1887 That’s where I want to be.


IEWNY2302095 (1887 XO Stereo ISRC)

EAN for Album:

5063332299141(The Cat’s Meow Anniversary Album Stereo- EAN)

UPC for Album:

644831400018 (The Cat’s Meow Anniversary Album Stereo - UPC)

Writer: Suzanne Grzanna (Words & Music)


Publishing Company: Grzanna Music Publishing

ISWC: T-319.930.143-0

Executive Producer: Suzanne Grzanna
Immersive Producer: Jeff Silverman

The album was Co-Produced, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered in Dolby Atmos/Spatial Audio by Jeff Silverman of Palette MusicStudio-Productions. www.palettemusic.com

Recorded at DV Studios - Dave Vartanian - Milwaukee, WI
Producer and Sound Engineer at DV Studios: Dave Vartanian

Additional Engineer: Greg Klaus

Diva Records LLC
P.O. Box 511735 Milwaukee, WI 53203