From the recording Simply Sunday After Hours

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One Stop - Uptempo, Relaxed,Happy, Cool Energetic Fun Inspiring Playful Light Lively Joyful

100% Master & Publisher Owned
Produced, Arranged, Master owned by Suzanne Grzanna for Grzanna Music Publishing


Simply Sunday After Hours
Composed by Suzanne Grzanna (BMI)
Key: G minor

Sax Diva (Suzanne Grzanna) - Saxophone
Scott Currier - Piano
Hal Miller - Bass
Edwin Coleman III - Drums

Engineer and Production: Kris "Halo" Pierce
Halo Askew Entertainment
Additional Engineer: DV Productions
Dave Vartanian - Engineer
Additional Engineer: Doug Rowell
Producer - Suzanne Grzanna

'graphix by Naj'

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