For Your Consideration - Best Jazz Vocal Album

The Cat's Meow Anniversary Album

Best Jazz Vocal Album : The Cat's Meow Anniversary Album

Best jazz Performance song: "Ennui XO"

Best Immersive Album: The Cat's Meow Anniversary Album

The Cat's Meow Anniversary Album is a tribute to the first album I released under Diva Records. This album is so special to me, and I wanted to connect jazz music to anyone who wanted to hope and dream. I have experienced an amazing journey so far in my life, but wanted to go back to my roots and re-record every track of my first album with a fresh sound. It is also mixed and mastered with Dolby Atmos/Spatial Audio (Jeff Silverman). Thank you for listening.

Please consider The Cat's Meow Anniversary Album

Thank you so much!

Suzanne XO


SUZANNE'S LATEST ALBUM, "THE CAT'S MEOW," is a true testament to her musical prowess. Released to critical acclaim, the album showcases her dynamic range and ability to blend smooth jazz with soulful tones. Drawing inspiration from her feline companions, the tracks in "The Cat's Meow" take listeners on a delightful journey through a landscape of emotions.

From sultry saxophone solos to catchy rhythms, this album is a perfect blend of modern jazz and classic influences. Suzanne's distinct style and heartfelt compositions create an experience that leaves listeners yearning for more. 

The Cat's Meow Anniversary Album hit 

#1 iTunes (Pre-sales UK)

#2 iTunes Switzerland

#3 iTunes US

#4 iTunes UK

#1 Amazon Hot New Releases on Amazon Charts UK

#1 Movers and Shakers in Albums Amazon UK

#3 Amazon Best Seller Charts UK

#6 Top Streamed Albums Play MPE

#8 Top Downloaded Albums Play MPE


Just won IMC Jazz Awards:

Best Jazz Artist

Best Jazz Instrumentalist

Best Jazz Producer

Best Songwriter

Awards with Kim Cameron - Running Past the Line:

Best Dance Recording

Best Dance Video

And the final award of the night: 




I've been a huge fan of Suzanne Grzanna for a long time. Both as a human and an amazingly talented Jazz musician. I was excited to see that she was releasing the anniversary edition of "The Cat's Meow". The songs on this album are reminiscent of the classic jazz that we've all come to admire, with Suzanne's own flair of musical brilliance."

Kitt Wakeley, Grammy® WInning Artist/Composer/Producer and 5 Time #1 Billboard Charting Artist

"What a fresh flavor you brought into jazz. The whole listening experience is enchanting, glamorous, and classic. Suzanne is gifted to have such an incredible and distinctive voice. The whole arrangement well- served your voice by adding more richness and depth. Each piece is well-considered and interconnected. ~ Yang Zhang


The Cat’s Meow, a captivating piece by Suzanne Grzanna, carries within its enchanting melody a deeper meaning that resonates with listeners. This instrumental composition showcases the artist’s profound musicality and evokes a range of emotions through its harmonious blend of sounds. As we explore the song’s significance, we delve into the underlying themes and intentions that make The Cat’s Meow a truly delightful experience.

The Cat’s Meow has the remarkable ability to evoke a diverse range of emotions in its listeners. From joy and excitement to tranquility and relaxation, the song’s dynamic composition allows listeners to experience a myriad of feelings, often transporting them to a world of carefree bliss.

~ Warren Barrett  (Time Music)


I love it, the Cat's Meow is totally cool. 

~Paul Avgerinos


It is excellent ~ Tanya Sultans of String

For Your Consideration - Best Dance Song


ANOTHER BIG RECORD FROM KIM CAMERON & SAX DIVA, Running Past the Line, from the newest album 'Influencers.' This one was produced by Kevin Rockhill and will keep you running for more!


The album "Influencers" has some amazing collaborations and this one with Suzanne Grzanna, AKA "Sax Diva is one of the most popular.


Running Past the Line Song hit:

#2 USA Dance iTunes

#31 UK Dance iTunes

#1 Amazon Hot New Releases UK

#1 Movers and Shakers in Albums Amazon UK

and charting all over the world.




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