For Your Consideration 2022

Hope everyone is having a great day!! Just wanted to share some news. My new single in the Dance - Big Room - Breaks - Electro is finally being released on September 30th! Ever since I heard Ella Fitzgerald - Billie Holiday and Charlie Parker's music used in dance clubs, I wanted to do the same for my jazz music. So, after 20 years of trying to find the right people to work with for this has now been released. It is considered Big Room - Breaks - Electro and it is a fresh recording of my multi-award winning song "Simply Sunday."  I am very excited to add another genre to my music list. My new artist name for all Dance/EDM music will be Sax Diva.



I am also a part of Justine Blazer's new song "Tears of Blue." It was so much recording this song. I just love Justine's voice!! : )

Best Americana Album



Other Projects:

"Children of the World" with Rupam & Kevin Mackie

Sophia Agranovich - Rupam Sarmah - Tamra Garrett - Peace & Joy

Suzanne Grzanna - Saxophone



Thank you so much for your consideration!!

Suzanne Grzanna


Sax Diva