Wedding Day

Suzanne Grzanna

Wedding Day is a Christian song with a jazzy/gospel feel to it's rhythm. A prayerful lyrics about the meaning of commitment. From New York – Paris – Japan – Russia – Los Angeles – Chicago, Suzanne Grzanna has made a prominent world wide name for herself. She has performed at prestigious halls such as the Blue Note, Birdland, Preservation Hall, Cinegrill, and the Hollywood Bowl. Suzanne has had such sit-ins with players such as Frank Morgan, Dave Hazeltine, Bryan Lynch, Betty Carter, Ray Brown Jr., Charles McPherson, John Hurd, and Jeff Goldblum to name a few. Her unique talent of not only being a dazzling saxophonist but also a sultry vocalist…can make you melt in your seat.

The sound of Grzanna Jazz is somewhat a hybrid of classic jazz, pop standards, original compositions, Christian and funky tunes all clearly influenced by Suzanne’s unique and contemporary style. She has released five CD’s, with a new one coming out this next year titled "Wedding Day." Her music has won rave reviews from both the critics and her fans. Says the Pasadena Weekly, “Her smoky voice and skillful sax set her apart from many other jazz performers, both those of her own age and beyond.”

Suzanne Grzanna began her jazz career at age five when she studied piano. She grew up in a small suburb of Milwaukee, WI and flourished in music from the beginning. Her parents, Don and Maureen Grzanna, are notable musicians who taught her the discipline of the craft. Throughout her childhood, Suzanne won various awards not only in jazz, but also in classical music.
CD's * 1994 The Cat’s Meow * 1999 Fly Me to the Moon * 2003 My Santa Baby * 2006 Simply Sunday * 2008 Christmas Night * 2016 Wedding Day

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Awards * Nominated for a Hollywood Music In Media Award Best Jazz Artist 2016 * 2016 Best Jazz Artist Award from The Indie Music Channel Awards * 2016 Best Jazz Video from The Indie Music Channel Awards * Diva of the Year, World Art Celebrities Magazine * Best Jazz Artist, Wisconsin Area Music Awards * Featured on the cover of the book, “Entertainment Greats From The 1800's to the Present: Cinema, Stage, Music, Divas, Legends”[1] by Maximillien de Lafayette, 2007 * Featured in the book “ “Showbiz, Pioneers, Best Singers, Entertainers and Musicians from 1606 to the Present”[2] by Maximillien de Lafayette, 2007

Diva Records LLC /Grzanna Jazz Productions LLC Please look Suzanne up on twitter and (201) 591-JAZZ

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